These are part-time paid positions. If interested, and for more information, please contact

Nellie Dymond 920-229-2335, or Pastor Harsha 920-896-5248.

July/August Newsletter Deadline

The deadline for submitting articles for the July/August 2019 church newsletter is Sunday, June 23, 2019.  Please email your articles to office@riponimmanuel.org or bring a paper

copy to the church office and place it in the wire basket on the administrative assistant’s desk.

2nd Quarter Mission Project…

Our 2nd quarter (April – June) mission project for 2019 is giving to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). Because of the need at this time, we will be designating our offerings to go to help people affected by natural disasters that happen at this time of the year, like storms and flooding. Giving to this project makes a world of difference for these people in their time of need. Your donations can be included in your offering envelope. Please mark your offering for this “UMCOR”.